MAV 1.5T

MAV® is a multi-sensing autonomous vehicle used for indoor intralogistics tasks. As a mobile robot, it transports up to 1500kg items autonomously in a dynamic environment. The multiple onboard sensors such as  LiDAR, radar, and cameras let the robot work continuously and safely without interruption. Moreover, it has autonomous navigation and scheduling software, which allows multiple vehicle collaboration, keeps production running 24/7, and maintains the flexibility of manipulation. The whole system reduces labor-intensive work and improves corporate profitability.

Dimension1570x950x310 mm
Weight400 kg
Max Payload1,500 kg
Max Speed1.5 m/s
Position Accuracy±10 mm
IP ClassIP54
Lifting Capacity4×400 kg, 0-50 mm
Battery40VDC, 125 Ah
Max Operation Duration24 h
Charging Time2 h
SensorsLiDAR, radar, RealSense-435(Optional)
Communication1x TCP/IP, 1x Ethernet/IP, WiFi , 1 x RJ45

Find out more info about the MAV from the MAV manual.