Innovating Global Engineering and Robotics from Canada

ADMETAL Engineering Corp. was established in 2001 and is a global company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The company has multiple branches and manufacturing facilities in North America and Asia. In China, a branch was established in Beijing in 2004 — Beijing Aode Fengkai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Additionally, it owns modern factories and advanced production equipment in Tianjin and Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. These facilities enable ADMETAL to provide professional customized parts and technical services for industries such as elevators, logistics, refrigeration, and petrochemicals, while also supporting the company’s R&D and production needs in areas such as robotics, motor manufacturing, and logistics automation.

Since 2018, ADMETAL has been actively expanding its business in the field of robotics, independently designing and developing a series of innovative robotic products including high-torque frameless motors, motor controllers, planetary gearboxes, and mobile bases. The company is also committed to software and system development, particularly in the ongoing optimization for welding robots and laser tracking systems, and in the integration of collaborative robotic arms, which are widely used in automated production lines and complex industrial scenarios.

In the field of logistics automation, ADMETAL primarily supplies efficient systems such as depalletizing, palletizing, and vision recognition systems effectively enhances the operational efficiency of warehouses and logistics centers, strengthening the company’s position in the global logistics market.

The founder of the company, Bill Song, held important positions in Canada’s energy industry before establishing ADMETAL, including director roles at a Hong Kong-listed oil company. His experience in corporate management and international business expansion provided a solid foundation for the establishment and growth of ADMETAL, especially in expanding into high-tech fields such as robotics technology and automation systems. Bill Song’s leadership and strategic vision ensure the company’s continuous development and innovation in the global market.